How to peel a pineapple

How to peel a pineapple

First you have to choose a fresh pineapple, it has to be a yellow colour and  fresh leaves on the surface. Cut the top and the bottom without remove too much the husk, enough for see inside.

You have to use a knife to cut the husk from top to bottom, the depth of cuts should be enough to expose the inside of the pineapple. Repeat you remove completely the husk.

If you are cutting the pineapple in slices, this is the momentos to do it. After cut the center with a knife, this parte should be remove because it is very hard to eat.

If you are cutting the pineapple into cubes or small pieces, you have to do vertical cuts with the knife around the stem. Then removed, leaving only the latter pineapple.

Source: ehowenespanol