How to peel a coconut

How to peel a coconut

We can find coconut in so many ways: fresh, shredded, cream... Fresh is the best option, because we can get its aroma and taste in a natural way. In some many countries is difficult to find it...

Also people think that coconut is a difficult fruit to be peeled, in Mambo we explain to you in a few easy steps how to peel it.

The first step that we should do is brushing it to remove any fibers in its husk.

Now with a knife we cut in a half and we put husk on fire. When the coconut will be hot, its husk will be separate easily with a knife, and when it will be cold, the second husk will be remove. Another option is to put the coconut into the oven for some minutes.

After removing the skin, the coconut pulp should be wash to remove any remaining shell, as it tends to be somewhat indigestible.

Easy, isn't it?