Wash fruits & vegetables

Wash fruits & vegetables

It is important to know that eating fruit and vegetables is healthy when they are clean. Washing our hands we avoid diseases, the washing fruit/vegetable serves the same function in our body.

Before coming to the table, fruits and vegetables go through various processes, including storage and transportation, which is why it is very important to learn how to clean fruits and vegetables before eating.

The first is to wash the cookware you are going to use, which are involved in their preparation, such as chopping board, knives, grater... Doing that, you avoid oxide compounds in your meals.

Another important thing is to wash your hands with soap for removing bacterias and water.

To wash fruits and vegetables, with plenty of distilled water, avoiding the use of soaps, chlorine, or other chemicals. It is best not to use hot water.

It is recommended after remove the peel from the fruit, wash it again, because when we peel it, some of the bacterias presents in the fruit skin can contaminate the inside of it.

Source: Vivir salud