Fruit and Cosmetics

Fruit and Cosmetics

The fruit, is uses in "natural cosmetic" also for eat. Body creams, facial masks, shampoos and tonics are some of the products made with fruit; Mambo we explain the benefits of some of them: 

- Avocado: it is very moisturizing , great for masks for its soothing and healing properties, also used for cosmetic wrinkle treatments and recovery for dry skin.

- Apricot: this fruit is used as a softening in natural shampoos and cosmetics as well as anti-wrinkle creams.

- Blueberry: is present in antiseptic and astringent products. Is also found in cosmetics and hair care that strengthens and helps protect hair fall.

- Strawberry: an ideal fruit for oily skin cleanser that also is used as a softening.

- Lemon: this citrus is used for the manufacture of cosmetic and antiseptic skin toners, cleansers mainly in thanks to its depigmenting properties. It helps heal wounds and moisturize damaged skin.

- Apple: mainly includes in products such as soothing and antiseptic.

- Papaya: present in many products to clean oily skins, thanks to its properties to remove fat, is present also in cellulite creams.

- Pineapple: used for tonic and care products for oily skin.

Source: Modern Spirits