Giant fruits

Giant fruits

In Mambo we share with you interesting facts about the largest and heaviest fruit in history. Each one arranged over of different places in the planet. Are you ready to keep reading? Let's go!

- The world's heaviest broccoli, was born in England in 1964 and weighed 13.1 kilos.

- The same British farmer who produced the giant broccoli, two years after produced a 23.9 kilos cauliflower.

- In 1980, at the United States, was found the head of the world's largest garlic, 1.3 kilos and measured 40.6 inches in diameter.

- The largest lemon in the world was found in California, 73 inches in diameter and 2.8 kilos.

- The heaviest lettuce in the world was located in England in 1974, 11.3 kilos.

- In 1967 in Australia grew the heaviest carrot in the world with 4.9 kilos.

- In the mid 70's, a Mexican farmer produced beets with the size of a person, reaching a length of more than 1.80 cm.

- In 2008 a Lebanese farmer produced a giant potato, 11.3 kilos.

- The world's heaviest cabbage was found in Alaska with 34.4 kilos.

- The heaviest carrot world reached 8.5 kilos.