Rare fruits

Rare fruits

The applea, the orange and strawberries are fruits that can be found anywhere, which together with the pineapple and mandarin oranges make up the group of most common and consumed fruits in the world.

But nature never fail to impress manifesting of the most exotic forms, a clear example is the three fruits that top this list, cataloged as the rarest in the world.

- Pitaya or dragon fruit

The dragon fruit lives up to its name in appearance, is the fruit of a cactus, and its flavor is defined as similar to the watermelon. The exterior looks like a flame of fire red, its interior is dotted with small white dots.

Originally from Mexico, but are very popular in the Eastern world as its production and popularity has grown in the most remote places on earth, islands of Indonesia, parts of southern Asia, Australia, and even in Israel.

- Kiwano or African cucumber

The edible fruit is shaped like that of an oval melon with spines that look like horns. The taste is sweet, a mix of kiwi and banana. Kiwano also is used as a piece for decoration.

It is native to Africa, which is grown mainly in the south and center of the continent; today also is grown in New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Chile and the United States.

- Durian

The durian is native to Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia, and is known as the "king of fruits". Is characterized by having a very particular smell that some people describe as smelly, however the taste is unique and delicious.

His appearance is peculiar, the crust is covered with thick spines, pretty hard. Fruit color ranges from brown, yellow or green, the interior is divided into five compartments filled with a large seed are also edible when roasted. The flesh is between yellow and orange and creamy texture.

That unpleasant odor that characterizes it, is forbidden in hotels and public transportation in Southeast Asia. It can be smelled from yards away.