We are who we eat

We are who we eat

"We are who we eat", how many times we heard this affirmation? For sure so many; and especially in mouth of our parents or grandparents when we were childs and the took care of our alimentation.

Maybe now the roles have changed and you are who say this sentence to your children, because you are conscious of the importance in this words.

And because we are who we eat we have to take care in our alimentation and watch what and how many we eat. Is not follow strictly food pyramid, although more than one could be follow inversely, with sweets, fats and oils in the base.

Fruits and vegetables take care of us giving us many benefits, give us energy and vitality, help us digest and sleep better, improve our skin, nails and hair. Prevent disease by keeping the body active through its vitamins and also low in calories.

For all these reasons occupy a very important place in the pyramid just named, its use is highly recommended at any time of our lives since we were children and we began to discover flavors and textures until we reach maturity.

Another advantage of this food group is that the range of possibilities is broad, can eat many kinds of fruits and vegetables, raw or prepared in different ways; as an accompaniment to a meal or dessert, juice, shakes or ice cream. 

Be aware of this phrase, care of you every day.