Be original

Be original

We guarantee you that the beautiful and elaborate presentations are not exclusive to restaurants.

You can try to do it yourself at home; being original by following Mambo tips:   

- Instead of serving individual portions of cake, why not prepare it directly in glasses? The presentation will be most sophisticated so worth it to invest a little more time.

- The Macedonian is a dessert very colorful, you can give to it more life changing a plate serving macedonian directly inside the fruit, for example, medium empty pineapple or a big orange.

- As same as macedonian, try serving your fruit juices into a fruits instead of doing into glass, emptied lemon is a good choice.

- Prepare fruit skewers instead of presenting sliced ??on a plate, is very easy to do.

- Prepares sandwiches fruit, how? Cut the fruit into slices and fill it with whatever you want: chocolate cream, crushed cereal, jam... For example, based on a slice of green apple followed by a layer of chocolate and another slice on top as a lid. You can combine all the fruits that you want.

With imagination we can get to make art, try it!