Convince to children

Convince to children

Getting kids to eat healthy costs sweat and tears to his parents because fruits and vegetables are not their favourite dishes. We knows that, for this reason we leave a few tricks to convince them:

- Create your own adventure. As a parent, you can say, "you have to eat a green vegetable or an orange one, or a red fruit". Then let them choose whatever they want, the special mission may make kids excited about eating fruits and vegetables. 

- Have fun with finger food. Let the kids build their own meals, you choose healthy fruit and vegetable ingredients or make them edible works of art. It is an assured victory. 

- Make a "Passport". You do not need a real one or a plane to be edible experiences worldwide. Make it a game with "passports" handmade from kitchens of different countries; with it you can get kids excited about geography and healthy foods. 

Source: ehowenespanol