Playing with food

Playing with food

Who was it who said that the food is not to play? Mambo denies this, and invites you to bring out your creative side to make the children have fun while learning to eat in a right way. Keep reading.

The most contentious age of children feeding in from 3 to 6 years, because children begin to identify flavors. That is when the hard work begins for parents to educate the palate of children.

  1. Do that your child becomes a scullion; it is shown that they enjoy the food more if they are involved in their preparation, they also learn how is food before cooking, you can explain the different types that exist and what nutrients they provide.
  2. Take them to purchase; you can teach what kind of food there are and nutritional benefits, and also make you company.
  3. We must lead by example; is very difficult for children to eat fruit and vegetables if their parents do not. The great advantage is that kids always want to eat what " the greatest " eat.
  4. For many children the time to sit at the table to eat is an ordeal, let them put it to your liking by choosing the tablecloth, dishes, silverware... there is a great variety.

Converts food into a game for the whole family.

Source: Partenidad Practicopedia