Fruit in your diet

Fruit in your diet

Everybody knows that it is advisable to eat at least between three or five pieces of fruit per day, and although we are aware of the benefits it brings, few are the followers of this premise.

Job stress, being in a constantly hurry and living with impossible schedules do not allow us to take the diet we would like, thus we remove an important source of vitamins: the fruit.

Eating out in the office in front of computer or taking a tupperware with precooked food entails that we do not have fruit at home, because in many cases we forget about it and it spoils in the bottom drawer of the fridge.

The fruit is synonymous with health and wellness, and in Mambo we have it very present, so we want to help you to include fruit as a part of your diet without effort, how? Following our advice:

  1. The fruit always in sight! A well stocked bowl with fruit on the kitchen's table, of all colors and all kinds, in this way you can see it easily and you can take a piece of fruit into the pocket to accompany the morning.
  2. Changing caloric snacks (like energy bars) for easily transportable fruit and that not need cutlery to eat it, such as bananas, apples and tangerines.
  3. Making juices; it gives you the posibility to mix several fruits and go experiencing new flavors, they are also a good way to quench your thirst when we are exposed to high temperatures.
  4. Mixing it with other foods such as cereal or yogurt, perfect for breakfast or dessert.
  5. Adding it to your salads, why settle with lettuce, tomato and onion ? The apple is a good choice as accompaniment.
  6. Alternating fruits that you eat throughout the week to become more attractive.

It is very easy to make the fruit the best option with these simple changes, in Mambo we encourage you to try it!