The best of the fruit

The best of the fruit

The trend and tastes when we eat fruit is very varied... with or without skin? Roasted or raw apples? Strawberries in January? Before or after having lunch? In Mambo we want to solve your doubts: 

- It is best eating fruit with skin to not miss one of the vitamins that gives us (caution, do not try it with coconut or melon if you want to keep all your teeth!). 

- It is preferable to eat it raw, for the same reason as above, to take advantage of all its benefits. Fructose is fruit sugar, it is not necessary to add it to getting a taste sweet. 

- It is a wise option eating fruit between meals, it is perfect to help our body to absorb nutrients and also facilitate the process of digestion. 

- It is advisable to take time avoiding fruit straight from the fridge, as very cold it is not so tasty. 

- It is more beneficial to consume fresh fruit, has more flavor and better properties.