Fruit divided by colors

Fruit divided by colors

Did you know that the properties and benefits of many fruits and vegetables depend on its colour? Really curious, ins't it? In Mambo we want to reveal some of them, of course grouped by colours.

- Red: strawberries, red grapes, watermelon, tomatoes.

They so-called "color of passion" has its origin thanks to plant pigment called lycopene. Several studies have shown that lycopene is very important for the prevention of various cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

It is also beneficial to prevent asthma, cataracts and aging, and it tastes very sweet.

- Green: Green grape, avocado.

The green color of these fruits and vegetables is due to chlorophyll. They are rich in vitamin A, C and K, folic acid and iron. Some of its benefits will help you relax your body, fighting fatigue and boost the immune system.

- White : coconut, garlic, onion.

Fruits and vegetables of this color are perfect for strengthening our immune system because they contain nutrients such as potassium.

A good example is the raw garlic, the taste may be a drawback, but prevents colds and helps decrease the concentration of bad cholesterol in the blood, so it is worth making the effort, albeit with a toothbrush to hand for later.

Another benefit is that garlic help the liver and kidneys. The onion has properties similar to garlic and the flavour is more pleasant.

- Orange: tangerines, papaya.

Orange colored fruits contain carotenoids, a source of vitamin A and a powerful natural antioxidant. Consume regularly strengthen your eyes and your memory, and it will protect your body from infection and improve your skin.