Fruit and Creativity

Fruit and Creativity

Creativity is present in many professions and areas of our lives; is more evident in some of them, as in architecture, art, design, or photography... all of them become something "common" to "original".

Why not try to become an artist for a day and you apply this creativity to fruit? As first impression it may sound weird, but enhancing our abilities we could change a boring dish into authentic works of natural art; it is an easy way to surprise our guests and get the kids enjoy fruit.

It's easy, inspiration is all around us, for example, the rainbow. We can take advantage of preparing brochettes colors with some fruits. We must go by clicking on the pieces by color, red grapes as a base, followed by strawberry, tangerine, watermelon, apple and mango. The result is very appealing. (You can see an example here).

Another way to give a creative touch to our desserts based on fruit is cutting it using metal molds; becomes a slice of pineapple on a heart or a star, much more appealing and fun!.

Something very simple is to decorate our plates with chopped fruit creating different images, for example, palm trees with a trunk bananas and avocado leaves or a nice tortoise using apples.

The only requirement is to develop creative dishes playing with endless combinations and colors offered by the fruit.

Source: Pinterest